Nigerian Dwarf Milking Goats

                                              NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS

          Our interest in Nigerian Dwarf Goats started after we first learned about them from the GRIT magazine. We did some research on them and found them to be the perfect breed of goat for our farm. We bought our first breeding pair in the  summer of 2014. We loved them from the start and over the next years we added a few more to our herd.


Fairytail Acres Mercedes:  DOB 3/21/14

This was our first doe we bought. She came form excellent breeding stock. She stands about 20″ at the shoulder and weighs close to 75 lbs. She is an easy milker and at her peak has given more than 1.5 quart a day. Mercedes has always had easy kiddings producing beautiful healthy kids. Her 1st freshening she had 1 doe: 2nd freshening: 3 does and 1 buck: 3rd freshening 2 bucks and 1 doe. She consistently throws blue eyed kids with show potential. 

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2018 KIDS Triplets

2017 KIDS Triplets

Photo of Star courtesy of Candy Sonnenburg

2016 KIDS Quadruplets

2015 KIDS Single Pics not avialable

Sweet Grace Farm Victoria: DOB 4/2/2015

Vicky was bought in the spring of 2015. She comes from Champion Bloodlines. She stands about 18″ high at the shoulder and weighs 60 lbs. She is on the smaller side but is a good milker producing about 1 quart or more a day. Her 1st freshening she had 3 does. She throws very colorful kids with moon spots and some blue eyes. 


2018 KIDS Twins

2017 KIDS Triplets

The SPHF Willow:  DOB 4/18/14

I purchased this doe in the summer of 2017. She is an excellent milking quality doe. She stands about 20″ and weighs about 70 lbs. She has blue eyes. Her 1st freshening she had 1 buck and 1 doe: 2nd freshening 2 bucks and 1 doe.  

KindredSouls KV Charlies Angel: DOB 4/1/17

I purchased this doe in the summer of 2017. She has brown eyes. She has potential to be a good milker. More info will be available on her as she grows.  


Fairytail Acres Alferi: DOB 2/24/14

This was our first buck we purchased. He came from show stock. He was an excellent breeder consistently throwing moon spots and blue eyes. 

Fairytail Acres Bentley: DOB 4/10/16

We obtained this buck to alternate breeding with our other buck. He is from the same dam as Alferi. He has excellent breeding potential. He has moon spots. More info will be available on him in the near future.